Peterlee's Solar Revolution: Free Solar PV Awaits You!

Dear Residents of Peterlee, hold onto your hats because we have electrifying news that’s about to brighten up your lives! Peterlee is on the brink of a solar revolution, all thanks to the remarkable ECO 4 Scheme and our partnership with Borthwick Heating. You might be eligible for FREE Solar PV – yes, free energy from the sun!

ECO 4 Scheme: A Ray of Sunshine for Your Home


The ECO 4 Scheme isn’t just about saving money; it’s about transforming your home and your life. This fantastic initiative is designed especially for those who are recipients of specific government benefits or credits. So, why should you consider the benefits of having Solar PV for your home?

  1. A Solar Symphony of Savings:

Imagine your electricity meter slowing down, or even better, running backward. Solar PV systems capture the sun’s energy and turn it into electricity. This means you’ll be saving on your energy bills while basking in the eco-friendly glow of solar power.

  1. Eco-Warrior in Your Home:

The planet could use a superhero right now, and that hero could be you. Solar PV systems are an eco-friendly choice as they harness the power of the sun – an abundant and renewable energy source. By choosing Solar PV, you’re making a green statement and reducing your carbon footprint.

  1. Sell the Sun:

With Solar PV, you could become a mini-utility company. Any excess energy your system generates can be sold back to the grid. This means that not only will your energy bills decrease, but you might even make some extra cash.

  1. Energy Independence:

Solar PV gives you control over your energy production. You’re no longer dependent on rising energy prices or power outages. The sun is a constant and reliable source of energy, ready to power your home every day.

  1. Financial Incentives:

The government knows the importance of solar energy, and that’s why there are often financial incentives, like feed-in tariffs and tax credits, available for Solar PV owners. This could make your investment even more lucrative.

Free Solar PV Hartlepool

Claiming Your FREE Solar PV:

Getting your hands on a free Solar PV system is as easy as catching a sunbeam:

Eligibility Check: Make sure you meet the criteria as a recipient of government benefits or credits.

Connect with Borthwick Heating: Borthwick Heating is your guiding light in this solar journey. They’re here to lead you through the process and provide answers to your questions, making the entire experience seamless.

Solar Dreams Come True: Once you qualify, Borthwick Heating will install your Solar PV system, and your home will be bathing in free, eco-friendly energy.

Your Solar Future Begins Today!

This isn’t just about a free Solar PV system; it’s about securing your future with green, cost-effective, and reliable energy. Participating in the ECO 4 Scheme is more than an upgrade; it’s a statement about the future of Peterlee – sustainable, responsible, and free!

The sun is shining on Peterlee, and your home can now bask in its glory. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Seize the moment, and your Peterlee home will soon be a shining example of modern living, all thanks to the ECO 4 Scheme.

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